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Christina's Top 5 Fit Tips

  • 1
    Buy it tight! Swim expands once wet from water or sweat.  If you buy too lose support and are at risk of flashing all your pretties to everyone one and their mother.
  • 2
    Prints are your friend!  They camouflage and smooth everything out!  Break out of the rut of solids. 
  • 3
    Bra sized swimwear is god's gift to women...wear the correct size and the 'tatas' are lifted, held in at all the right places and consequently,  you look 10-15lbs lighter.
  • 4
    Color...unless you are wearing full makeup on the beach...wear colors that are flattering on you when au natural!  For most tends to wash them out so open your mind to other options.  There is a whole rainbow of beauty out there to try.
  • 5
    When it comes to buying bottoms...DON'T size up to get more coverage!  Change the cut and buy your correct size.  Rule of thumb...if the fabric doesn't lay smooth on your booty in the fitting room...and it will have a diaper butt once its wet!  

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About Christina D Swim

Fit Makes All the Difference

A native Floridian who has been in swim since she could crawl, Christina honed her fit skills as founder and operator of Trousseau. Located in Chicago, IL from 2001 - 2010, Trousseau was one of the nation's top 5 lingerie and swim boutiques.

In 2011, Christina went back to her roots and started Christina D in Santa Rosa Beach, FL.  On her 8th summer, she is still going strong and has become one of the Southeast's leading destinations for bra-sized swimwear. Regardless of size or age, Christina's goal is to fit every woman well, helping them to not only feel great, but look fabulous!

Lemon Drop by Swim Systems

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Solana Plunge by Swim Systems

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Olivia Tankini by Curve

Why she loves it.

Zeliya by Aeron Rose

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Are you a Christina D Customer?

As a small, boutique business, Christina D Swim and Resort strives to fit women of all sizes and ages in some of the best swimwear out there.  As you all know, finding a great suit isn't easy, so having a qualified expert guide you through the fit process is essential in getting the fit that is best for you.

That is why we have opened up our online boutique to existing Christina D customers who have already been fit by Christina.  Knowing what swimwear has been successfully fit on your body ensures a more successful shopping experience.


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